Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eiko by Birch Fabrics

I was so excited when Eiko arrived this week! This is hands down one of my favorite collections from Jay-Cyn Designs and Birch Fabrics. As with all Birch collections, Eiko is a scrumptious organic cotton. The other thing I love about collections from Jay-Cyn Designs is the consistent color palette, which allows the collections to play well together. You can easily mix prints from Elk Grove with Eiko.

There are also some fantastic projects out there using Eiko.  Here's one of my favorites from An of Straight Grain.  An, a very talented sewist and pattern-maker, has put together a lovely tutorial for this cute Honeycomb Smocked Sundress using Stamp Stripe Pool.

Melissa of Lunden Designs also has a super cute quilt pattern, Tatami Mat, using Eiko.  I've had the pleasure of spending some time with Melissa since she and her family moved to Portland a few months ago and am amazed at her energy and enthusiasm. Not only does she design quilt patterns, she also accepts custom sewing commissions and does longarm quilting.  Tatami Mat is definitely on my bucket list.

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